Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bad Day

I am not sure if this is a feeling all mothers get or not, but some days, I just really feel like I am a bad mother. Not for anything that I particularly did, but Riley was testing me a lot today and I got very frustrated and I just feel if I was a better mother he wouldn't be so naughty. I don't know if I am just being down on myself or what the deal is.

He loves to push buttons on remotes and phones and TVs. Well today, he was pushing our living room TV on and off, it's a big 50 some inch flat screen and turning it on and off takes a few seconds because it needs to fire up, so turning it on and off can't be too good for it. I don't know, I don't know electronics, but I tell him no, move him away, put hi with his other toys, be firm, and he completely ignores what I say or do. Yelling obviously doesn't work with a 14 month old, and I don't yell at him anyway because if you yell, when you are actually mad, they'll never know. Yelling never solves anything, and I am completely against any type of spanking. So I have no idea what to do and I feel like I am just failing,

I was just so out of it today too, that doesn't help either. According to some people, I am not allowed to have days like this though. I know raising a child is hard, and many have people have done it before, but everyone is different and its hard when I don't get that luxury of people understanding that doing this job effects everyone differently. It would be nice to have encouragement from people who see me parenting Riley. When you put people down enough, they start to believe it, heard that before? Same this applies when you don't hear anything good.

Maybe I am just having a bad day, but I hate days like this, and I never want Riley to feel like I am not the best mom ever. Blah to this day!