Monday, January 7, 2013

Who needs enemies when friends treat you worse?

There is nothing worse then when a friend treats you just as bad as an enemy would treat you, or worse, but they do it with a smile on their face and act like it is no big deal. I really do not understand why some people think that they can talk to their "friends" this way and not expect them to be hurt. I know I have very little to no tact when it comes to a lot of things. I am sure I have said things that have hurt people, but I've tried to change that, and when I was told it hurt, then I worked on that. For me, when I have said potential hurtful things, I knew it the moment it left my mouth that it could be bad. But, I am not sure everyone is like that.

A couple of times a friend of mine has made the comment, well look who his mother is, when referring to my son. How in the world would they ever think that that kind of comment wouldn't be mean or hurtful at all? Complaining that my son is being dramatic because um hello, you hurt him and hen saying, well look who his mother is, really? Just thinking about it makes me start to boil.

Further more, when you act like you are my child's mother, and take the liberty and yell at my child right in front of me, or act so offended or tired because he isn't doing what you want. He is 2 for heavens sake, what do you expect. I really thought I would get more respect now that I am a mother, but it seems quite the opposite. You are not a single mom, you have no idea what it is like for me. Even if you know other single parents, guess what? We are all different an to judge me for how I am with my child, makes me want to cry. Seriously, who needs enemies?