Monday, March 4, 2013

Why must we be so different?

To this day, at almost 30 years old, I still do not understand why men and women have to communicate so differently. Guys tend to close everyone out, whereas most women tend to talk to many people. At least me, lol. But I still cannot figure out why. And to top it off I do not understand how men seem to think that we are just okay with how they act when they need "time." They just completely shut everyone out without a mention of it. They jsut take their space and expect everyone to know what they are doing and why and be okay with no communication. Yeah, not cool guys. Communication is the biggest challenge between the sexes but seriously, if you just say hey, I need some time to myself, that's all it takes. Ugh, but no, that's common sense and lets face it, not a lot of people have that anymore. I just want a text, something, saying Hey, thanks for being there, I still just need to figure this crap out. Still like ya! Bam, easy right? Guess not :(

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