Sunday, December 25, 2011


So today, was my little angel's first Christmas. He did so well. As I figured, he ripped the wrapping paper and ate it, lol. But he did really good with his presents. I discovered that over at my grandmom's house, there were just way too many people there and he was too distracted to open his presents.

So, I am thinking for his birthday party on Friday, he should do really well. He will be distracted, but I think it will be pretty cool. And there will be kids there his age, so that'll be fun as well!

It was a great first Christmas, I wish I knew that no one was gonna buy Riley a first Christmas ornament, because I would have gotten him one. Guess I will just be a little different and get it for him later, lol. Weird weather this year too. I'm used to brown Christmas's but not sun shinning, and nice weather, it didn't feel like Christmas at all. It felt different for me this year, but now it's not all about me, it is about Riley.

I've also decided to make a new years resolution and lose 10 lbs my March. May not be a big goal, but I NEED to lose my baby weight. 10 lbs is quite a bit, and I'm giving myself 2 months to do it. If I reach my goal before March, I'm gonna keep going. I owe it to myself and to Riley to be healthy!! Merry Christmas!

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