Sunday, December 11, 2011


Today, my best friend, Amber, came over to take Riley's 1 year pictures. I cannot believe he is already a year old. When people tell you time goes by fast, they ain't kidding. I see people all the time at work with their newborns, and I try to think back to when Riley was a newborn and I honestly cannot picture it, I remember him sleeping in my bed with me, with a blanket wrapped around him and his little sleeper/dress thing babies wear. Man, time flies. But I only have little memories here and there because time does go by so fast.

I do miss him being that little, but there are so many amazing things that happen now and are going to happen. This year has honestly been the best year of my life. No matter what happens anymore, it will not change how happy I am with my life right now. Not everything is perfect, but I have Riley and he is what I have wished for for so long! :)

He is so protective of me, its awesome. The other day, my mom was trying to throw one of his play spray bottles into the living room, and  it accidentally hit me in the head, I screamed Ow! and he freaked out. He started screaming and crying. He did not like seeing me get hurt, it's a very awesome feeling for someone to be so protective of you.

I love my little Riley :)

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  1. It really does fly by! I can hardly remember Lucas being so small too. That's why I take so many pictures!