Saturday, December 10, 2011

Strange Behaviors

Lately, I have been noticing strange behaviors in different people that I know. I wonder if it is strange behaviors or if it is just me finally seeing them for who they really are. Either way, it sucks but it is also a good thing. Seeing people for who they really are is eye opening, but its also sad that if what they are is bad, that I have been so blind to it for so long.

People try not to regret things they have done in their live, I am one of them. And for those who know me, there are a lot of mistakes that I have made in my life, but the thing is, each one has taught me a life lesson, but sadly there are a couple regrets that I do have. I do regret letting certain people blind me for so long. I know who I am, I know my flaws, and I am aware of my actions. I know how I get when I am mad/upset/hurt. I'm irrational, I know this, and people who know me know that I am too, but its so easily forgotten when people who want to control you and mold you into what they want see this side of me. They use it against me. Try to make me feel bad about being the way that I am. I regret that I ever let you get to me, that I ever let you make me cry. I've done so much for you, your family, but that means nothing to you. Just make a decision and I'm gone. If people can just cut you out like that, how important to them were you in the first place. I get cut out because I don't conform to how they want me to be. Well, I regret ever letting you affect me. I'm moving on, and I know how these people are, so I know what to look out for now.

People may ask, do I regret RJ? Heavens no, because from that whole mess, I got Riley, and nothing in the world is better then him :)

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