Tuesday, March 20, 2012


March isn't usually the month that I need to worry about getting to hot while working or being outside. Except this year in Minnesota isn't like any other year. The past couple of weeks have been 60+ temperatures, which is awesome, but I work at Target, and they are not prepared for this beautiful weather yet either and I get so damn hot when I work it isn't even funny.

I worked on Monday, and about 5 minutes after I started working, literally, I started sweating. Like dripping down my face, my neck everywhere sweating. It is disgusting. I know when I get hot my face gets beat red, I can handle that, but dripping in sweat? Gross. My body has been messed up since I had Riley. My hormones are all out of whack. I am just seriously wondering when things will get back to normal. A lot of issues have taken FOREVER to go back to normal. Has anyone else dealt with this after having a baby? I know I don't so well in heat, but this is ridiculous. I almost passed out even, and I had just ate, full tummy and blah.

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