Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bras, UGH!!!

Ok, why on earth does bra shopping have to be so damn hard. I mean come on now. Ugh, I guess before I had Riley, it was easier. I like how I wen to Victoria's Secret today, they measured me a 40C, but said that is equal to 38D. Okay, well um isn't there a difference between 38 and 40? B/c I can tell you, a 38 is TIGHT! I suppose with the cup sizes, that is where the difference is. But honestly, a D cup? Momma don't have enough boobs for a D cup. It's better that I have a different cup size or get a larger band size so it isn't digging into me, but I mean, I always have gapping, always at the top, it is not comfortable. I have mom boos, lmao as my friend Crystal would say. I wish these bras weren't so damn expensive too. I think I will try to find a 40C at Target, just to see how that feels, but that is a hard size to find even at Target, lol. Just give me a boob job and I'll be fine! That's my rant for the day, ha!

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