Sunday, August 5, 2012

Random thoughts...

So finally I am getting more hours at work. It will be nice to actually make money that I can use to buy things, instead of just pay bills. Welcome to adulthood I guess right? Seriously though, no one can survive on the little pay I have been getting. Thank goodness I am able to live with my parents still while I have Riley. He loves it here too, lets be honest, so do I! hehe. Sadly, even though I am getting more hours, it still isn't enough for me to feel comfortable for those weeks that I do not get scheduled many hours. I so very much love making book covers and character banners, as you can see, but I honestly have no idea on how to marked myself. Any idea would be helpful!

Onto another awesome thing, I recently just finished a book and wrote a review for Intangible. WOW, I am SO in love with his book. Here is comments the author made to me about my review:

"I'm so thrilled to hear have no idea. :-) Yours is one of the BEST reviews. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - J. Meyers

Another reason, yet again, I love reading and reviewing books. Seriously, you need to check this book out, it will blow your mind!

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