Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life just sucks sometimes.

Finally, FINALLY I actually met someone who I do not pick apart at all, and who I actually like, and what what do I do?! Freak out of course. I cannot stop texting him. He's going to think I am nuts and say goodbye to me very soon. Okay, so granted we've met and hung out once, but sometimes isn't that all a persons needs to know whether or not they like a person? There is an obvious physical connection, which lets be honest, a lot of people need to even consider dating someone. So plus 1 for that, but we haven't had the chance to really get to know each other, and I'm freaking out because I want to get to know him and he is just being a typical guy and not too concerned about making plans or what not.

We agreed to hang out this weekend. Just said, yeah we should hang out again, we talked about going to a movie. We didn't make specific plans, just figured we would work around my work schedule and his plans. Well, that's not happening. He decided to go up north today and I'm not sure if he will be back tomorrow, and he will be busy this next week, he has his week with his son. I am not going to bug him to hang out when he has his son, I'm not that pathetic. However, I'd like to not wait a week to be able to hang out again. That isn't clingy is it? If it is, I am not seeing it. I just wanna get to know him more, but I have a feeling I'm coming off clingy and attached. Ugh, I cannot win. Either I like them, then do my normal pick them apart thing, or I like them and I cannot back off. I'm so ready for the one, and the fact that I didn't pick him apart, makes me very excited, but I cannot seem to calm down and let things flow, UGH! I need help!! HELP ME ANYONE!

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