Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter...and other jazz.

Work was so busy today, you could have sworn it was Christmas. I cashier at Target, in case you were wondering. Now, it seems to me, and this has been my thought for a long long time, holidays are becoming way to commercial. Does anyone even know the reason why we celebrate these holidays anymore? It makes me sad that there is absolutely no religious type gifts in my store for any holiday. Easter and Christmas are the 2 major  ones and there is just nothing around. I suppose for Christmas there is more stuff, but Easter is a very special time and nadda. I am not by any means a very religious person, but I have my beliefs and I was raised catholic, and Jesus means something to me, and I am going to make sure Riley knows and loves Jesus very much. I don't want him to get wrapped up in the whole commercialism of it all.

Anyway, onto something fun!!! I got his in the mail today:
From my author friend Berinn Rae. She loves me!! Now I have her first 2 book, and they are both signed, I'm gonna make sure I get all her books signed. By the way, check out her Guardians of the Seven Seals series, LOVE IT!! this new one, Hellbound is my favorite so far! And speaking of Hellbound, I made 2 new character banners for Hellbound, please go check them out!!

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